Red King

This is RED KING premium

This amp is made in premium finish (white + piano ebony).

We have optimised dual power supply, which is totally separated for right & left channel and can work in all world’s AC voltage standards.

The new bluetooth is on board – this newest BT 4.0 goes in lossless streaming fashion to cancel distortions in sound and this really works. It sounds as good as your best CD can do and needs no pin code.
Power transformers are double shielded to minimize hum.

The main wood boards are 20mm thick and covered in high gloss on both sides.
The circuit is executed in point to point, pcb and smd method – depens on temperature ratio, power due to current and function of each internal submodule.

We go with premium parts, WIMA, NICHICON, DALE and so on…
In this version we have also minimized the harmonic distortions, so finnally you get more for less (2 x 12 Watts in PSE ultra-linear mode. New output transformers).
Power, source selection and volume + mute are remote controlled.

DIMENSIONS: 27 x 39 x 19cm

music power: 2 x 12 Watts
dimensions: 27cm x 39cm x 17cm
weight: 14kg
    paper in oil capacitors and dale 1% resistors in signal paths
    4 x EL84 in PSE mode
    two separate power supplies for L & R power stage
    3rd power supply for pre-amp and relay line selector
    3 inputs including optional Bluetooth
    4 & 8 ohm speaker outlets
    eight sections output transformers with massive EI cores

Red King reviewed by Enjoy the Music magazine: CLICK

The “Red King” is coming after the “Red Beauty” tube amplifier & this is serious deal:
- full remote control;
- three audio inputs incl. Bluetooth wireless connection with your mobile thing;
- three big power supply stages for best sound quality & amp reliability;
- and foremost this amp uses most hi-end mode in music reproduction: parallel single tube; arrangement to project spatial sound with full impact around your head, on all types of music.

It took us almost two years to fine tune this Concept, which now is served in red glossy finish – cause as you might already know the RED KING rules!

Price: $3,690.00




We call it most innovative concept:
- elegant & modern in appeal,
- innovative design
- made from eco materials,
- nicely priced,
- desktop / portable with hi-end drivers,
- and foremost full custom finished in innovative way.

Art graphics are created by selected group of artists. SUPERIORO gathers art & hi-tech design in one.

Review by MONO & STEREO

Model: SUPERIORO goes just now for 1990$ + mini desktop amp with USB.


With SUPERIORO you get 100% custom ideas – just decide with:
- the front: white, black or other piano-gloss luxury finish
- sides: printed with hi-quality graphics/photos you would like and have all rights for OR just choose from our art gallery here
- the back: laser print your name, quote or…

We would be pleased to help you CREATE YOUR UNIQUE SPEAKER!


We have prepared special pocket size digital amplifier for that occasion – check here.


Additional DescriptionMore Details

Don’t they resamble scandinavian ergonomics and perfect japan design patterns? All this built with benchmark solutions developed by Eryk S Concept.

Don’t be fooled by the small look, because SUPERIORO uses top-tech fullrange speaker available today. The speaker covers whole music area with minimum linear distortion (40Hz-20kHz / -6dB)***. The 30Watts of music power and very high efficiency should be more then one can imagine from a box 11x28x28cm in size.

    *** The speaker’s membrane is made from japanese cellulose, weighting only 1 gram – you get super fast response. Every detail hidden in the flow of music is fully projected even with loud impact if desired. Additionally SUPERIORO has special Sound Type switch on the back, making music Dynamic or Normal (linear mode).

The Superioro is a rear bass-reflex design. Its cabinet has been additionally dampened with acoustic materials.

The Superioro is Mini & Eco design, raw plywood cabinet with holographic sound.
They are simple in construction to enable best quality components inside. After 20 years of research in home audio industry Eryk S strongly recommends choosing this path: ” Go simple & direct, but give each element perfect shape – that way only you will reveal all great effects stacked in music formula.” Customize and bring this High-End to your ears.

music Power:30Watts
impedance:4 ohm
bandwidth:40Hz – 24kHz
measurements (hight, width, depth):28cm x 11cm x 28cm

With The SUPERIORO finished in our red color you can additionally order Eryk S Concept RED SET – great portable stereo applied with hi-end technology & best audiophile solutions. This fullrange speaker connected with single-ended tube amp transfers all bits of emotions and sound imagies. The RED SET is the compact package for your desk or main system. Small is beautifull!

Price: $1,990.00


SUPERIOR tube amp

Many times we see EL84 power tube paired with ECC83 pre-amplifing ones. The ECC83 and similar triodes are weak in term of power. Bearing in mind such lack of full power kick for the most crucial power stage (EL84), we have developed one of a kind “Totally Open Throttle Concept”, which boosts astonishing sound force hidden for many decades in famous EL84 tube! It all depends on how good you will kick the power tube.

We do strongly believe, that you never had a chance to expect, that 6Watts per channel are able to move your room’s furniture. Neither do we, but for sure our 6 Watts will make them shake now! That is why our newest tube amp has been given best name for its unique sound quality: SUPERIOR.

This amplifier surpasses great majority of other SE, class A designs in terms of power punch and beam-focused sound. The SUPERIOR will bring hard kick even to your massive floorstanding speakers. To build an elegant set match the SUPERIOR with our Superioro – one-cone fullrange loudspeakers. In the SUPERIOR tube amp all five tubes work in top notch class A mode and are of specially selected military grade (5000 hours durability, instead standard tube supposed to last for 1000 hours)!

On the rear panel you can find one pair of rca analog input & optional with losless wireless extra input for any hi-tech device.

The Superior brings optimum synergy in tube design idea & sound air-streaming innovation – other reasons for calling it SUPERIOR again.

You can choose from any colour finish or even go for premium version made in ebony and white piano!

Additional DescriptionMore Details

music power: 2 x 6Watts (>5% distortions)
bandwidth: 20Hz – 28kHz (-3dB)
power consumption: 65Watts
dimensions: 11,5cm x 28cm x 30cm
(W x H x D incl. speakers’ sockets)
weight: approx.: 7kg Net

Price: $2,890.00



When space is essential and sound quality is too!

This is one of the tech novelties in audio industry – get pocket size unit and 60 Watts per channel of nominal power.

Digital amp will drive 4 and 8ohm loudspeakers.

We can offer vesrions with Bluetooth and USB signal transmission capability.

Price: $149.00



KETSUS’s appealing proportions embody a novatory design concept, lightness of form and a dash of quiet extravagance.

KETSUS instrument has been created to satisfy aesthetics and music demands of both man & woman.

We propose two ways for shapes of KETSUS: Special & Simple line.

Let us invite you to read deep review on 6MOONS:
Eryk S Ketsus Special ENG

Additional DescriptionMore Details

Broadband Sound Concept:
Mid-low, medium and treble frequencies go through full range double speaker system with linear characteristic, giving sound source so desired cohesion and neutrality. In practice this provides a precise and spatially-arranged musical spectrum.

Double Loudspeaker Concept:
In the KETSUS instrument power is distributed into two woofers – the main effect being two times higher output & reduced distortions.

The box in Ketsus is a multiple-reinforced casing, featuring a diagonal inner partition to prevent unnecessary acoustic reverberations. The fullrange speaker and woofer units have been adapted for separate encloasures: closed and bass-reflex type.

The cabinet structure is bulid from 20mm to 40mm panels with strong internal bracings. Additionally different wall connecting system for front and rear panels has been developed to minimize the box resonances. In KETSUS perfect damping process goes into four ways : wool blocks, bitumen mats, pyramid foam and low density damping material.

How about my room?
KETSUS are best suited for 18 to 60 sqm rooms. The lateral subwoofers in the left and right KETSUS speakers should be positioned on the system’s inside or outside – dependant on your room’s acoustics. The front panels should be exactly directed at the listener’s head.

Your KETSUS will be custom finished to suit your special needs. Just let us know your idea.

frequency response: 32 Hz – 25 kHz (- 6 dB)
40 Hz – 22 kHz (- 3 dB)
impedance: 4 ohm
power rating:
   - nominal: 150 watt
   - short term: 200 watt
effeciency: 90 dB
total mass: app. 28 kg/item
measurements (hight, width, depth): 103cm x 14cm x 39cm

Price: $7,490.00



Modesty and majesty in design and golden proportions are three features placing NUVO in the eternally “simple elegance” class.

NUVO instrument combines state-of-the-art technology with innovatory engineering.

NUVO crowns 15 years of intensive work to develop high-fidelity parameters for every reproduced sound, note and beat. The system’s simple stylistics and advanced solutions make listening to music a tangible experience.

Your NUVO will be custom-made to suit your special needs. Just let us know your way.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

NUVO offers high reproduction dynamics and scope going hand in hand with acoustic precision to produce a unique tri-dimensional sound effects even from standard stereo track.
The NUVO instrument is a two-way speaker system, which works in bass-reflex mode. Despite their small dimensions the speakers have a considerable bandwidth ranging from lowest bass to ultra-treble tones far beyond human reach.
Selecting an optimum quality components for a construction makes only half of its success, although many producers believe this is all that is needed. Only continuous and painstaking adjusting will raise it to the peaks of acoustic perfection and bring the best out of each of its elements. Now you know why NUVO are the exquisite instrument beyond compare.

x ray nuvo

The EDS system consists of three chambers, two tightly packed with a special micro-sand, the third – main – chamber built with variously-angled walls to eliminate parasitic resonances.

The walls are of special 25 mm high and medium density fiberboard. Additional damping is provided by bitumen mats and fleece.

The result is a perfectly stable box made of four different materials whose specific acoustic qualities help considerably reduce and disperse all negative resonances inside the speaker.

Additional stability is provided by the system’s mass – 18 kilogrammes each!

How about my room?
The room works like an acoustic chamber often creating ill-suited surroundings which are the cause of unpleasant sound distroitions, colourations.

Below are some tips on safe loudspeaker placement. Loudspeakers should stand:
• no less than 1m* from the listener
• no less than 2.5m* and no more than 5 m from each other
• no less than 30 cm* from the back wall
• no less than 80 cm* from the side walls
• stand-mounted and free-standing loudspeakers should be positioned so that the point between tweeter and woofer is level with the listener’s ear.
* approximate values


frequency response: 39 Hz – 42 kHz (- 6 db)
45 Hz – 40 kHz (- 3 db)
impedance: 8 ohm
power rating:
- nominal: 75 watts
- short term: 150 watts
effeciency: 85 dB
total mass: app. 18 kg/item
measurements (hight, width, depth): 37cm x 18cm x 41cm

Price: $7,490.00



This means Fresh Quality for small power tube or solid amp enthusiasts and money-pocket savers!

The speaker’s dimensions are equal to NUVO, but in FRESHQ you get super light ceramic tweeter with carbon woofers. All this to enable two times louder sound volume, comparing to NUVO at the same power – this Concept is suited for tube amplifiers in SE, PSE or P-P mode or for solid state A class amplifiers, when every Watt is of great importance.

Also with this Concept we have gained highest value for money ratio in this category.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

The FRESHQ’s woofer works in semi-labirynth cabinet. The rear port is made of wood. Woofer has been equipped with allu basket and double power magnet motor with three types of cooper rings, which delete all kind of distortions.

The ceramic tweeter is also based on double motor, plus resonance damping chamber. the above drivers are so well engineered, that simple cross-over here was enabled.

NUVO has 85dB efficiency > FRESHQ scored 4db higher – so finally they go two times louder, when getting same amount of power.

frequency response: 33 Hz – 28 kHz (- 6 db)
40 Hz – 24 kHz (- 3 db)
impedance: 8 ohm
power rating:
   - nominal: 100 watts
   - short term: 150 watts
effeciency: 89 dB
total mass: 18 kg/item
measurements (hight, width, depth): cm x cm x cm

Price: $3,690.00


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